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Save Lions, Save Lions Campaign, Steps to Save Lions

A lion sleeps in the heart of every human.... As humans let us all support and work together for saving this beautiful and courageous creature. Yes the lion.

Lions are mostly seen as courageous and aggressive creatures but these predators also love as we do. When they are killed and tortured, they feel the same pain as we human do.

Let us all wake up to the fact that there are only fifteen to twenty thousand left in the jungles around the world. If we all do not work in saving them these beautiful creatures will be lost. So let us take a pledge in saving them and create the awareness about the situation.

Steps are being taken by many organisations and individuals worldwide to save them so let us be a part of the mission.

The main threats faced by lions these days are poaching, canned hunting, bad zoos and circuses.

The big question is can we save the lions? Answer is yes. Following are the steps we have to take to save them.

1. Create Awareness

As humans we need to create awareness about the decrease in number of lions. We as humans can join organisations or individuals who are working on the projects to protect the lions. Create social blogs and tell people what importance lions have on this planet. These small initiatives can help a lot

2. Creating and protecting the habitat

Humans are pushing lions out of their natural habitat. So if we can create and protect their habitat we can stop the conflict of humans and lions. Losing their natural prey lions attack livestock. In turn humans kill lions. So if lions are back in their natural habitat it will increase their population.

3. Stop poaching

For many years lions have been killed for bravery, trophies and medicinal value. To protect the lions countries like Africa need protected parks, more equipment and training. It will take a global response to curtail poaching and help protect the lions.

To protect lions time is now. If we do not do anything for the lions we might lose the first of the carnivorous species but they would not be the last.

Lions are waiting for us to save them.....we should not give up and keep working.

STOP!!!!!! Killing lions and find out what is more important.

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