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Save Sparrow: Help to Save Sparrow Bird

The question which everyone asks these days is “when did we see a sparrow outside our window?”

Sparrows are slowly wiping out of our lives. Tigers, vultures and many other species are close to extinction. But even our household sparrow is close to getting extinct. Sparrow is a small, social and harmless bird which could be easily seen near our houses years ago. But the numbers are declining day by day.

In the years to come and our next generations might hear there was a bird called sparrow. But it is not too late to work and stop the sparrows from getting extinct.

It has been written and read so many times that where there is a will there is a way. If we are passionate enough and work towards saving of sparrows, it will not be long that the population of this household bird will increase.

Lot of years back sparrows lived happily around our houses because they were comfortable. The earliest we gave them the comfort the more easily sparrows can join us back.

There is lot of importance of sparrows in our lives. Sparrows not only protect the ecological balance but also help with pollination in plants; it also brings prosperity and also helps in reduction of several diseases.

We as humans do not have to do big things to save the sparrows. Even small deeds can make a lot of difference. There are several reasons for decline in the population of sparrows. Even if we can do our little it will help a lot. Things we can do to help this lovable bird survive are

1. Try to minimise pollution as much as possible.

2. Making food grain and water easily available for the sparrows

3. Minimising the use of mobile phones or to use anti radiation cover which not only will protect us as humans but also sparrows

4. Reduce deforestation. Constructing bigger malls, high rise buildings are also reducing the sparrow count.

5. Giving the sparrows their lost habitat

6. Making people aware about the stage sparrows are in.

If you are still thinking why we as humans should even bother about sparrows, the answer is ......if different species are being lost year after year soon it might be our turn.

Every action small or big we take today to conserve the sparrow gives us the passion that YES..... Sparrows are still not gone

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