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Save The Rhinos, Save Rhinoceros

This article is all about saving the endangered Rhino. Saving the rhino before is too late. It is a problem which has surfaced only in the recent past. After the tiger and the lion, rhinos are also on the verge of getting extinct. Some of the species of Rhino are already facing the heat in parts of world.

It is important that the society is continuously informed and educated to this problem, and worked upon to prevent the rhinos from getting extinct. There are organizations that are doing their bit for saving the rhinos. It is the effort of these organizations which will actually help to save the rhinos along with some strict laws and participation of human community at large.

Rhinos are basically classified in 5 types of species namely Indian, Sumatran, Javan, Black and White.

All these five species are close to extinction. A recent survey shows there are just 11000 rhinos left worldwide with a steep decline in the population since 1970s. The black rhinos being the worst hit with the population declining close to 90 percent.

Most of the endangered species are basically because of two factors, Loss of habitat and poaching. In case of Rhinos poaching being the major factor. Poaching of Rhinos is done for the precious horn which is believed to have great power.

Poaching of any mammals is a sad topic and happens all over the world, but a sudden increase of poaching in South Africa is a cause of concern. It needs to be addressed before the rhinos get extinct and mark a sad day for the entire world. Poaching, an inhumane crime is done for greed. It is the Greed of the precious Rhino Horn which is sold all around the world even more than the price of gold.

Of the best way to stop poaching is to create strict laws and awareness among individuals and the society. One of the ideal ways to increase awareness is to raise funds to launch campaigns that is effective and tells the society how serious the problem is. Various campaigns are there to raise awareness about this big issue with many people supporting the cause.

Its humans vs. rhinos these days but we should do our best to make is humans along with the rhinos which will save the day for the rhinos. Let us all get together to save the rhinos and make them live for which they were sent on this planet earth.

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