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SAVE THE TIGER, Save the Tiger Campaign

The lion is the king of jungle, but it is the tiger that holds an aura of heightened value and charm. This cat species is the largest and is a symbol of strength and power throughout the timeline and across all cultures and continents. It is much worshipped by communities all over.

With the rapid development of modern technologies over the last hundred years, the tigers got slaughtered. TIGERS today are fading fast. They are on the verge of extinction. The bitter truth is World has just 3200 tigers left. The few left are found in island like forests.

The world at last took positive steps to protect the tigers. The WWF launched a worldwide campaign to save the tigers. Areas were identified on priority list to protect the landscape where tigers can survive. Few of them are

Amur-Heilong – China and Russia

Kaziranga–Karbi Anglong – India

Satpuda-Maikal – India

Western Ghats-Nilgiris – India

Greater Manas – Bhutan and India

Sundarbans – Bangladesh and India

Terai Arc – India and Nepal

Forests of the Lower Mekong – Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam

Dawna-Tennaserim – Myanmar and Thailand

Banjaran Titiwangsa – Malaysia

Central Sumatra – Indonesia

Southern Sumatra – Indonesia

All over the world, public awareness rallied to the cause of tiger conservation. Real tiger skin lost the social importance as more and more people adopted the conservation view.

Today, years later the tiger population is increasing. WWF has taken a target to double the population of tigers by 2022. Serious efforts are required if tiger population has to increase manifold.

The easiest way to save tigers is by protecting their natural habitat and to reduce the poaching.

To save the tigers support of each individual is required. One can spread the word by telling others that the tiger and its habitat are under threat. One can form join in the discussions on the web and exchange their views.

You can be a responsible tourist. Wilderness is to be experienced not to disturbed. Follow the laws when visiting tiger reserves. Say No to tiger skin trade. Refuse to buy tiger parts and valuables made from tiger derivatives.

Tiger is not just a beautiful animal. It is about making sure that humans survive longer than the forests and prevent the ecological system.

So let us all join our hands in saving the tiger and the ecosystem and not only prevent the tigers from getting extinct but also prevent the human race from getting extinct.

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