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SAVE TREES, Plant Trees, Steps to Save World

We say we love flowers still we pluck them....

We say we love trees still we cut them down.

At least we should not ruin the life of these trees. They are the ones whom we live on.

Human being life depends upon trees and we are alive because of them as they provide us with oxygen.

But these days we cut trees, we pollute the mother earth and sooner than later there will not be any green left. I am sure most of us wont like that. But as it says humans do not value things till they are lost. But in this case we have trees. Trees are important for our existence. Trees not only provide oxygen but also maintain the food chain balance.

Taking in carbon dioxide and giving back oxygen, cleaning the soil, providing shade and coolness, cleaning the air are a few of the benefits of trees.

But these days’ trees are being cut faster than they are planted. As a Chinese proverb says “The best time to plant trees was 20 years ago or it is now”. Studies suggest 80 % of the forests have been destroyed or they are either on the verge of it. So what can we do to save this planet? For increasing the trees count around the world there are actually three easy ways.

Step 1 : Save and defending the existing trees.

Create awareness among individuals and the entire society about the importance of trees and their existence

Finding out the reasons why people are cutting trees in your area or nearby.

Volunteer for several campaigns which are working on saving trees.

Write to legal authorities in your area if you see people cutting trees illegally or cutting trees which have been protected.

Step 2 : Change your consumption habits

Limit the use of paper towels, tissues and napkins

Buy recycled paper products

Choose to go paperless. Electronics media always give you an option to go paperless.

Buy wooden products which are sustainable and last for long.

Step 3 : Plant more trees

Participate in plantation drives and campaigns

Encourage people to plant more trees

Choose the right tree to plant

The more we follow these steps the more greener the planet gets and then it is eventually helping our own existence as human being. As, John Muir said “God has cared for the trees saved them from drought, disease, avalanches and a thousand tempests and floods. But he cannot save them from fools” Let us not be the fools and take the pledge to save trees.

GO GREEN .................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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